Royal Commission into Family Violence releases Issues Paper

Tracey Matters

Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence today released an Issues Paper to help guide individuals and organisations wishing to lodge a written submission.

The Royal Commission is currently seeking submissions from anyone directly affected by family violence and from any others whose experiences and ideas may assist the work of the Royal Commission in developing practical recommendations for change.

The Issues Paper includes a definition of family violence, and a brief summary of what is currently known about family violence and what has been done so far.   More importantly, it includes themes and questions to assist writers to provide valuable information about what works, what doesn’t work and what improvements should be made across the family violence system.

The Royal Commission is also accepting submissions that address its Terms of Reference without responding to the particular questions in the Issues Paper.  More details can be found on the Royal Commission’s website at

Written submissions are just one of the ways in which the Royal Commission is gathering views and information.   It will also be examining more detailed questions through its research, site visits, community engagement activities and public hearings. 

The Royal Commission invites individuals and organisations to make submissions and lodge them by Friday, 29 May 2015.  Anyone with questions about the submissions process or who requires assistance to make a submission, should call 1800 365 100 or send an email to 

Quotes attributed to Commissioner Marcia Neave

‘As well as hearing from people directly affected by family violence or who work in the family violence sector, we welcome submissions from others who come into contact with family violence through their work.   This includes general practitioners, other health professionals, social workers, disability workers and advocates, teachers, community leaders and religious leaders’.

‘This inquiry is predominantly a policy-based investigation focused on what changes can be made to foster a violence-free society through prevention, intervention and support for those affected.’
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