Notice: The Royal Commission into Family Violence has concluded its work. This website has now been transferred to the Department of Premier and Cabinet as required by the Inquiries Act 2014.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence  sought written submissions on  issues relating to its  terms of reference from anyone affected by family violence.  To help guide people writing submissions, the Royal Commission issued an issues paper

The closing date for written submissions was Friday, 29 May 2015.

Those sending in submissions had the choice of making them public, anonymous or confidential.  Many people chose to make their submissions anonymous or confidential.  If a person requested anonymity, identifying details will be removed before their submission is published.  If confidentiality was requested, the submission (or the identified confidential parts of it) will not be published.

The Royal Commission may also remove or redact (black out) parts of some submissions for legal, privacy or safety reasons before they are published, including if they contain information about people affected by family violence (other than the person making the submission).  The Royal Commission also reserves the right not to publish submissions if the Royal Commission considers them inappropriate.

Submissions will gradually be published on this site over the coming months.

If you have any questions about submissions, please send an email to